Classroom Use

Occasionally, we have extra Back Issue hard copies left over of the Human Research Report newsletter.

If you could use these copies in your classroom, we could even pay the shipping cost!

  • Depending on the number of copies you want, and your address
  • Contact us first to arrange our possible payment of shipping cost


  • You keep each newsletter intact (no separation/removal of any pages); and
  • You do not redistribute/sell or otherwise make these FREE copies available to anyone else


  • You use the newsletter’s article(s) in any way that is ethical and appropriate for educational purposes; and
  • You agree that this occasional offer is on a “first come, first served” basis; and
  • Your request for said educational copies constitutes your agreement to our conditions

Currently we have the following stock available FREE for educational purposes:

To get your FREE educational copies of back issues of the Human Research Report, simply contact us with your request, including complete shipping address information along with the number and the month of copies that you want.